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About The Artist



Artist Statement

I sometimes wonder if I was born with a library card in my hand; my earliest and fondest memories involve libraries. As an artist, I’m drawn to working with collage, handmade paper, and artists books. I knew I had a unique opportunity to merge these passions when I was offered boxes of vintage catalog cards from my local public library.  That day was the beginning of a multi-year project, Ex Libris: Found Art From a Public Library, an exhibition inspired by – and created from – library catalog cards.

About The Artist

Alice C. Walsh is a mixed media artist who lives and works in New York. Her Ex Libris work has been exhibited in museums, libraries and galleries around the United States and in Europe. As an educational and arts administrator, she's worked for non-profit theater companies, dance companies, and performing arts centers, as well as in colleges and in public broadcasting.  Walsh has been Associate Producer of many Broadway and off-Broadway productions. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Public Administration Degree from New York University.

Walsh is a public library trustee.